Child Blood Tests (Paediatric Clinic)

NOTE TO HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS: This routine, pre-bookable service is suitable for ALL paediatric patients, from birth. Sessions run weekly & parents/carers should "self-refer" (see "Information for Parents"). All patients MUST have a blood request form on arrival. Failure to provide this causes significant clinic delays. Please direct parents/carers to this website ahead of a visit so as children can be familiarised with the blood testing process (see "Blood Test Process-Videos").

Information for Parents:

If your child needs a blood test, please call 01704 835159 to arrange a pre-bookable appointment. This is not a drop-in service. 

Appointments are at:
The Village Surgery
12 Elbow Ln, Formby, Liverpool L37 4AW

Should you be unable to attend the appointment please inform the Clinic on the above number as soon as possible so that another appointment can be arranged.

"Magic Cream"

Some children may have "magic cream" (Ametop/Emla) applied prior to a procedure. This must be supplied by your practice and applied in advance, following the instructions given. However, the paediatric team at the clinic has a magic "freeze spray" which provides instant relief and is an alternative to "magic cream". 

On Arrival

Please report to the reception team. Please ensure you bring the blood request form with you.  Do not hesitate to ask any questions, however trivial you may think they are.

What Will Happen?

  • Your child will be introduced to the team before the test is done. These people are specially trained. 
  • "Magic cream" (where appropriate) will be wiped away and your child will be ready for their test. Alternatively, "freeze spray" may be used. 
  • The team will identify the best way of collecting the blood. This will be either from a needle into a vein (phlebotomy - venepuncture), or via a finger-prick sample taken from the finger (see videos below)

After Your Child's Test:

  • Samples will be sent to the laboratory for analysis.
  • Results will be sent from the laboratory, directly to the clinician who requested them.
  • Your follow-up will be via the team who requested the test(s). Please do not call this surgery for results (unless you are a registered patient here). 

Blood Test Process - Videos

The videos above may help you understand the process of obtaining blood tests from children. They may be useful for your child to watch ahead of coming in to have a test.

The clinician will decide if the blood sample can be taken from a child's vein (phlebotomy), or taken from a finger prick. It is a good idea to familiarise your child with both videos below, ahead of their visit. 

Child Blood Test (Phlebotomy) Video:


Child Finger Prick Blood Test Video:

For a number of reasons, it is sometimes necessary to repeat samples. This will be the decision of the person who has requested the investigations. 

Our friendly team look forward to assisting you and your child through the process of obtaining their blood for analysis in a calm and caring environment. 

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