Enhanced Health in Care Homes


The NHS long term plan is committed to providing the framework for enhanced health in care homes

The guide for care-homes may be of particular use to you / your team and can be accessed here.

The video links below highlight how we can work together for better care - learning from the EHCH vanguards.

Online Training for Community and Care Home Staff

A series of short videos (around 3 minutes each) describe how to take measurements from residents correctly (such as blood pressure and oxygen saturation), spot the soft signs of deterioration, and prevent the spread of infection.

These videos include:

1) Introduction to sepsis and serious illness

2) Prevent the spread of infection

3) Soft signs of deterioration

4) NEWS what is it?

5) Measuring the respiratory rate

6) Measuring oxygen saturation

7) Measuring blood pressure

8) Measuring heart rate

9) Measuring level of alertness

10) How to measure temperature

11) Calculating and recording a NEWS score

12) Structured communication and escalation

13) Treatment escalation plans and resuscitation

14) Recognising deterioration in people with a learning disability

NEWS2 Scoring:

You may wish to use this online link to calculate a NEWS2 score. 

HYDRATION for Older People - Training & Resources

It is really important that older people are and remain adequately hydrated. 

This e-learning course link provides training for community carers (of any role or level) and gives an overview of the hydration needs for older people and how to support people to drink more. 

This course takes around 40 minutes to complete. 


The personalised care institute (PCI) provides a range of extremely useful (and free) courses for health and care professionals, regardless of profession or seniority.

The training offered includes:

1) Core skills - level 1 - 1 hour

2) Shared decision making - level 3 - 1 hour

3) Personalised care and support planning (PCSP) - level 3 - 45 min

4) Remote Consultation e-learning - level 1 & 2 - 30 min

5) A range of PCI-endorsed courses.

All courses are available via this link.