Clinics and services

Clinics and services that we provide

We are constantly seeking to improve the range of services to our patients and currently offer:

This list is not exhaustive, ask at reception. 

Acute/Same-Day Appointments

The Village Surgery provides on-the-day appointments which are available from 08:00 Monday-Friday at our Freshfield site. These appointments should be used for acute care and emergency care, things which cannot wait for a regular routine appointment. To access these appointments, patients must contact the surgery via telephone on 01704878661 or 01704879430 on the day that the appointment is required.

Cervical Screening (SMEAR)

Our Practice Nurses are trained to provide Cervical Screening within our Surgery. This service is available to all women aged 25-64 and the invitation to attend is not sent from the practice. If you do receive an invitation from Public Health England then please make an appointment with the practice at your convenience.

Chronic Disease Management Clinics

These clinics are Linked to our Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) and are provided by our Practice Nurses and HCA's depending on the specific conditions and diseases of patients. 


Patients have the opportunity to use the eConsult service which is displayed on the home page of this website. This platform offers the ability for patients to consult with a registered NHS practitioner from The Village Surgery online rather than attending the Surgery for an appointment. eConsult is a service designed to fit the needs of a patient who struggles to obtain appointments in normal working times of the Surgery and offers quality expert advice. Further information can be found on the eConsult web page by clicking the link on The Village Surgery home page.

Adult Health Visitor

Our adult health visitor, Diane Furnival, deals with the complex needs of patients in care homes and is the mediator between patients and their medical and social needs. she liaises with a large variety of agencies, keeping the patient's best interest in mind. Diane is contactable directly at The Village Surgery for family members to have their queries answered when dealing with patients under her care. Diane also supports housebound patients to ensure they receive their annual reviews for chronic diseases and medication monitoring.

Home Visits

Patients who are physically unable to attend the surgery for appointments and consultations are able to receive home treatment from our medical professionals. Our staff can attend a patient's home as long as it is within our catchment area and considering the patient is unable to make other arrangements to attend the practice. Home Visits must be requested 10:30 on the day you require to see our team. For more information please speak to the reception team at The Village Surgery.

Influenza, Pneumococcal and Shingles Clinics

Our Health Care Assistants are trained to provide immunisations and vaccinations for Influenza Pneumococcal and Shingles. these may be seasonal based injections and some patients may also receive a form of contact from the surgery to let them know that they are eligible for such a service. If you are unsure if you are able to receive these services then please do not hesitate to contact us. 

In-House Pharmacy Team

Our Surgery has its very own in House Prescribing Team who assist GP's in providing medication reviews for patients. They also deal with medication queries and aid in updating medication changes onto patient records following discharge from the hospital. They hold appointments each week at the surgery and patients can also have telephone consultations with her too. All patients can access the pharmacy team services and can book in for a consultation via the reception team either at the surgery or over the telephone.  

Joint Injections

We have Health Care Professionals who are trained in many different joint injections and these are available to all patients if deemed necessary. Joint injections require a double appointment with the specific professional and can be booked through our reception team over the telephone or at the Surgery.

Lipid Clinic (Cholesterol)

Our Local Lipid Clinic group sessions and telephone consultations are provided by the Practice Medical Team. These are invitation-only appointments that the surgery offers. They provide clinical advice and precautionary measures in order to reduce both cholesterol and cardiovascular risk. Following a blood test, if your cholesterol is raised, you may be invited to a group session or telephone consultation, as appropriate.  These are not generic health check appointments.

Phlebotomy Clinics (Bloods)

Our Surgery offers blood tests and clinics on a very regular basis. See the Phlebotomy section for more information.

Paediatric Phlebotomy Clinics (Bloods)

Our Surgery serves as a hub for local paediatric phlebotomy services in the local area. Click here for more information. 

Travel Vaccinations

Our Nursing Team is qualified to give a number of different vaccinations so that our patients stay safe when travelling. depending on which vaccinations are required, there may be a charge for these procedures. for more information and price enquiries please contact the surgery via reception.